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Re: Apogee Duet

I briefly got to try a duet against my ultralite and I thought the  
sound quality was indeed much better! Although I couldn't achieve the  
same low latency as I could with my motu ultralite in Ableton Live.  
This was awhile back on a different mac so they might have updated the  
drivers since then ......and it's funny you ask this question because  
I will be experimenting again this weekend with a Duet with my  
macbook. I will let you know if I get better performance. It's  
definitely a great deal to use for recording just not sure if I would  
want to use it for live performance.

Todd Matthews
On Nov 2, 2009, at 7:48 PM, Chris Sewell wrote:

> Evening,
> Does anybody have experience in comparing the sound of Apogees Duet  
> to other interfaces.
> I'm being seduced by its size and simplicity. I have an Original  
> Motu Ultralite that sounds good and is very reliable. And small. I  
> am just curious as to the claims of sonic superiority that Apogee    
> makes.
> Thanks
> Chris