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Re: MIDI Looping

Hi Per

> One can combine both methods too, as for example Thomas Dolby does in 
> his live show.
I have the Sole Inhabitant DVD, but until now I did not yet pay too much 
attention to his computerscreens.

>     After all that trials and tribulations I finally decided to use
>     standard audio looper hardware - an Electrix Repeater and a Lexicon
>     Jamman - and record my synths there.
> That's an interesting point. I too often chose this method.
By the way. I had a short email communication on the development of a 
simple MIDI-Looper with a guy who does several cool PIC based tools 
(Kaspar from www.frequencyresponse.ch). He is just busy at the moment 
doing his university degrees, but he is very interested in developing a 
MIDI-looper after that.