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CDDB Genres and other questions

So I have a new CD that I've mentioned here before.

I want to submit the Album info and track names to CDDB, I guess via
iTunes. I'm sure some folks here have experience with this.

1) Is there an official list of genres and sub-genres published somewhere?
2) If you know my stuff, or If you have a chance to listen to the
tunes on the purple playlist at http://warrensirota.com, what
suggestions would you have for me? (I apologize for the inevitably
self-promoting aspects of this question. I mean it as an honest
inquiry into something that has bewildered me for quite a while and I
need to answer).
3) How do you submit cover art to these databases? or is that just
connected with being in the iTunes (or other) store?

Thanks for any help you can offer,