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Re: Bright Light Synced to Loop Tempo

don't listen to him....he only invented it ;-)

The beatsync pulse is sent when Sync=Out.

..but it only sounds once every Cycle, not on every beat :-(

andy butler

Todd Quincy wrote:
> perfect. what is or how do I build a relay?
> tq
> On Oct 6, 2009, at 4:29 PM, Matthias Grob wrote:
>> The EDP has a 1/4" BeatSync output which is a short pulse which could 
>> switch any lamp (through a relay) and its also audible, not beautiful 
>> but clear!
>> On 6 Oct 2009, at 12:46, Todd Quincy wrote:
>>> Do you think the edp could trigger a a roland 660 drum machine to  
>>> produce an audible click of the tempo set by the edp's midi clock?
>>> Also do you think the tempo light on the drum machine would activate 
>>> - flash... that would solve it!
>>> tq
>>> On Oct 6, 2009, at 11:31 AM, Florian Anwander wrote:
>>>> Hello Todd
>>>> Todd Quincy schrieb:
>>>>> yes, let's hear it.!
>>>>> Following the drummer who is following the looper is the real idea. 
>>>>> I was just trying to make it more natural and less intrusive to the 
>>>>> drummer.
>>>> I recommend NOT to use light as a click. There are two reasons.
>>>> * Steady flashing produces stress for your brain, while a steady 
>>>> sound click is perceived as music and rhythm.
>>>> * The brain reacts much slower on light than on sound. It is much 
>>>> more difficult for the drummer to play in sync with a steady 
>>>> flashing (if he is able at all) than with a audio click. Simply try 
>>>> once dancing to the rythm of a stroboscope, and you will know what I 
>>>> am talking about.
>>>> I don't know your musical circumstances, but I recommend to use a 
>>>> central master MIDI clock, and distribute clock this to the various 
>>>> gear, that shall be in sync. We[*] use a Roland SBX-80 for this 
>>>> task. For you a simple old drummachine might be better, because the 
>>>> drummer could use it as click at the same time.
>>>> Florian
>>>> [*]www.sphericlounge.de www.ambiosonics.de
>>> Todd Quincy,
>>> President, Quincy Creative, LLC
>>> 513 253 0004
> Todd Quincy,
> President, Quincy Creative, LLC
> 513 253 0004