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Re: Mainstage looping rig screen/functionality design - post screen shots!

> Now when
> Pacman will come back to Mobius on the Mac I can't wish for more.
Stupid question: what the hell is actually Pacman (other than the 
nostalgic arcade game from the 80ies)?

> It's in Mainstage 1 as well. Just a little less "smart".
Really? I thought it was a MS2 feature to be able to pass along all these 
parameters (or wait... was it Mobius 1.39?)

>If you have been upgrading over old releases you may not have the
new esc key binding. Bring up the Keyboard Control dialog and select
the function "Move Display Components" and assign it to the key
of your choice.
Jeff, Per, gotta try this... would make life so much easier...

One more thing, Per:
Do you also monitor the inputs or do you just watch over them via looper 

best regards

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