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Re: hand held feedback synth now available...

I agree, if this were a filter rather than a noisemaker, it would be
pretty interesting.

On 9/24/09, Rainer Straschill <moinsound@googlemail.com> wrote:
> Very nice stuff! However, this got me thinking (and I'm writing this
> as someone with no understanding of the power electronics or whatever
> scene or circuit bending):
> 1. It seems to me that while a lot of people here aren't into odd
> sound synthesis, there's quite a following for odd sound processing.
> So: have you tried anything at using the power of this box to process
> another sound (e.g. a loop, or a "normal" instrument). Like using it
> into one input of an AM with adjustable modulation index. Is there a
> video? Pleeeeze...
> 2. There's these three patch sockets, and in the video you either
> connected a cable to one of the outer two sockets and then touched the
> open wire end, or you "more or less" connected one of the outer
> sockets with the center one. Now wouldn't it be possible to have three
> touchable metal contacts instead of the sockets, so you can simply
> touch either of them or short them with your finger?
> Yours,
>             Rainer
> ps: still didn't find time to clean my Waldorf Q...