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hand held feedback synth now available...

Very nice stuff! However, this got me thinking (and I'm writing this
as someone with no understanding of the power electronics or whatever
scene or circuit bending):

1. It seems to me that while a lot of people here aren't into odd
sound synthesis, there's quite a following for odd sound processing.
So: have you tried anything at using the power of this box to process
another sound (e.g. a loop, or a "normal" instrument). Like using it
into one input of an AM with adjustable modulation index. Is there a
video? Pleeeeze...

2. There's these three patch sockets, and in the video you either
connected a cable to one of the outer two sockets and then touched the
open wire end, or you "more or less" connected one of the outer
sockets with the center one. Now wouldn't it be possible to have three
touchable metal contacts instead of the sockets, so you can simply
touch either of them or short them with your finger?



ps: still didn't find time to clean my Waldorf Q...