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RE: using gordius with mobius and a drum machine

I'm not entirely sure what you're trying to do but something
that might help is having Mobius scripts that send MIDI messages
to start and stop the drum machine.   If you have the Adrenelinn
as the MIDI sync master for Mobius:

    Adrenelinn->MIDI Clocks->Mobius

You could have Mobius open a MIDI output device that
sends commands to the Adrenelinn then program the 
footswitch to run Mobius scripts.  The scripts then
send start/stop commands to the drum machine as
well as other Mobius control functions like waiting 
till the end of the loop etc.  This is hard to draw
in ASCII but it would be something like this:

   FCB1010->MIDI Device 1->Mobius->MIDI Device 2
   MIDI Device 2->Adrenelinn->MIDI Device 3->Mobius

This would probably require a little 4x4 MIDI interface
and a bunch of cables.  If you had a MIDI merge box, 
MIDI Device 1 and MIDI Device 3 could be combined so Mobius
only needs one input device for both Adrenelinn clocks and
footswitch commands.  I think the FCB1010 can operate
as a MIDI merge, but I’m not sure how stable it is
passing through MIDI clocks.

In practice this should let you do things like:

  - start a Mobius loop and the Adrenelinn at the same time
  - Stop the Adrenelinn, mute Mobius, wait for the next cycle,
    unmute Mobius, restart the Adrenelinn

Something else that might be interesting is routing 
the Adrenelinn's audio into a Mobius track that does
nothing but route it immediately to an output port.  You're
not looping the Adrenelinn but you can use the track input
level to play with the volume, "muting" the Adrenelinn by
turning the level to 0 and back up as an alternative
to starting and stopping it.