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Important non-documented aspect of Mainstage reacting to not binded MIDI input


Have you had the ghostlike experience that Mainstage suddenly changes settings that you have not programmed a MIDI control for? This is why: 

I just found out that Mainstage is kind of hard-wired to react to incoming MIDI events that match the most usual Roland General MIDI protocol. This is not mentioned in the manual and you can not disable it. In praxis it may bring problems for Behringer FCB1010 users because this MIDI pedal board sometimes leaks out random MIDI CC# data it is not programmed to send out. If such a spontaneous leakage happens to spit out a CC#7 event it will affect all channel strip volume faders in Mainstage. Similar accidents may happen to Mute, Solo etc. 

There are two scenarios in which you don't risk to get your gig ruined by this "feature". 
1) If you already have assigned this particular CC# to some function. 
2) If you have created a graphic object in the Design Window, "learned" it to the actual CC# and set its property to "do not pass MIDI data through" (this is the DUMMY trick, you don't need to assign it to any software parameter). 

I guess the idea with having Mainstage work like this is that people that own a meat-and-potatoe MIDI keyboard controller can simply plug-it in and have "volume faders" affect channel strip volume without having to set up a binding. 

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen