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Re: Audio D-Touch...

on wiki they say there are just 10 reactables. it was designed here in barcelona (catalonia) at pompeu fabra university. one of the creators of the software behind reactable is ross bencina the programmer of modular host, audiomulch.

2009/9/9 Mech <mech@m3ch.net>
Reactable!  Yeah, I knew there was a better product for comparison than the Percussa Audiocubes, but couldn't recall what it was at that moment.

Thanks for jogging my memory, Raul!  :)

(p.s. wasn't the reactable like wicked expensive when it finally came out? i know the audiocubes ain't exactly cheap.)


At 7:08 AM +0200 9/9/09, Raul Bonell wrote:
looks like a chinese reactable ...


2009/9/9 Mech <<mailto:mech@m3ch.net>mech@m3ch.net>

Okay, this could be kinda cool...


"Audio d-touch is a collection of applications for real-time musical composition and performance, with very special user interfaces. The collection includes a drum machine and a sampling sequencer, both are controlled by spatially arranging physical objects on an interactive table surface. Each object represents a sound, and its position with respect to the surface is mapped to certain playback parameters...."

Watch the video.  It's kinda like a cheap, DIY set of audiocubes, or some other visual/physical interaction device.

It might be a little unwieldy, but I think it could possibly be used for Live Looping performances, given a little customization.  It would probably be excellent for vocal loopers and other performers who have their hands free.  Plus, you can probably run a parallel feed off the webcam and give your audience something visual as well.

I know the Max/MSP set will be quick to jump in and point out that this sort of thing has been available with Jitter for a while.  I know, I know.  But not all of us can program in Max (yet!) and, heck, this is free...  ;)

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