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Re: Composition & Improvisation- the fatal moment of playback

“...and of course,  I heard Bill Walker express his unfounded misgivings after every performance I saw ;-)



That’s because everything I do sucks Ass!

Actually Andy, in 2005 at the Zurich fest and later at Y2K5 I was becoming bored with what I was doing and limited by the Repeater’s quirks and low internal memory, finicky CFC issues etc. I was also sick of my Roland GR30 and the tricks I was using to drive the RPTR with it. I also was not happy with my tone at the time, and felt in a musical rut. I was tired of hauling around a shit pile of gear and wanted to strip my options down a bit.  That’s probably where my lousy attitude came from J

     I too have a hard time being subjective about my music which is why I don’t have a recorded output like Prince Nelson Rogers. But like him, I too am funky. I’m continually trying to best myself, get better tones, create more interesting music, and find new ways of utilizing the technology.  Don’t get me wrong, I actually like much of my own music, and I have a bunch of music recorded. I just have a hard time producing myself, knowing when to stop, what to edit, etc. It’s a bit crazy making, but I’m getting more patient with the engineering side of music making and recording in DAW, and being my own producer etc., I’m just a tortoise poking along.  I admire those of you out there who are more prolific. If I had the money to quite working for a few months and hire a great producer, Manfred Eicher would do, I would in a heart beat, but I don’t.  That being said I’m as happy and inspired as I have ever been making music, and looking forward to Y2K8.  The journey is the destination.