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Re: New Piece: Y2K9's a-comin'

Yee-ha! Thanks so much - "Sucker 'em in and Pound Them" - hehe, that
might be my next album name...

On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 11:32 PM, Loren Claypool<looper@theclaypools.com> 
> Warren,
> Thanks for sharing your new piece, I love the juxtaposition between the
> intro and the body of the piece, kind of a sucker 'em in, then pound 'em
> approach! I dig the guitar tones in the intro, the "ring mod" section, 
> the "fuzz" section. Finally your effects playing in the closing section,
> especially the slicing kind of thing you are doing. Very nice, sir!
> All the best,
> Loren Claypool
> genre-indifferent instrumental guitar music
> www.lorenclaypool.com and links from there