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Re: ? RE: ECM guitarists?

The trio-album with Vitous and DeJohnette indeed is fantastic. 
Rypdal was one of the early guys experimenting with a guitar synth. 
And I think he did very well with it.
I love those spheric sounds flying in the skies and
bass and drums providing a cool rythm carpet.

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> Thanks for all the replies on this thread - I've been checking out a lot 
> of stuff this week as I've always loved ECM but wasn't so aware of a 
> couple of the names.
> The first Rypdal I tried out was Odyssey, which was well-recommended 
> online as one of his best. I HATED it - masturbatory was the kindest 
> word I could think of. But then I tried the trio w/Miroslav Vitous and 
> DeJohnette, and have been listening to it several times a day for the 
> last three days, I absolutely love it. Beautiful and moving music.
> Daryl Shawn
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> > Terje Rypdal is another ambient GOD, capable of really
> > straight-forward, gut-wrenching beauty, yet still sound ethereal and
> > other-worldly.  His catalog is huge though and you should find a way
> > to browse to find which of his vast output you personally like.  -m