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Re: Which live streaming method is best?

Raul, yes there are, Ustream doesn't talk about it but the FME works with 
them also.

Maybe the Mac apps below would work with Ustream also, I don't know.

As far as justin.tv here is a bit on that for mac

It has info on the standalone broadcaster for mac among other thing.



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Subject: Re: Which live streaming method is best?

> any alternatives to FME for mac users?
> 2009/8/25, Jeff Duke <jeff_d@embarqmail.com>:
>> This is true Jim, except I use Ustream now, Rainer still uses 
>> I
>> use (and I think Rainer also) the FME (Flash Media Encoder) which may be
>> used with either service. It was a little tricky to set up but I get 
>> plenty
>> of headroom with it. It is stereo and you can choose quality desired for
>> audio and video. I use a 128kbs mp3 for audio. The FME has a nice VU 
>> meter
>> that shows your levels being input and I adjust with my mixers output
>> accordingly
>> For that app be aware that there is about a 2 second delay between 
>> inputing
>> a note and hearing it on the broadcast. I never listen to the broadcast
>> while playing. Rainer and I have experimented some with this and it 
>> but kind of "Cage" like as he says! :) For droney stuff it's pretty ok, 
>> even
>> could be interesting.
>> Best,
>> Jeff
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>>   Subject: Re: Which live streaming method is best?
>>   Mark my experience with ustream has been good though ive kept my feeds
>> mono. Rainer and jeff have done stereo on ustream but i think their
>> experience witth it has been better on justin.tv. The main thing you 
>> to
>> watch in my experience is to not ovedrive the audio to the server. 
>> Ustream
>> has seemed sensitive in the past to the   point that ive kept my master 
>> out
>> at 11oclock.  Sunday my loops got pretty saturated and i thought i was
>> probably going to clip some but on pb things held up.
>>   Jim
>>   On Aug 25, 2009, at 7:25 AM, mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com>
>> wrote:
>>     The question is in the subject...
>>     Which live streaming method is best?
>>     I have a weird performance next week, where I will provide drones 
>> soundsscape for a Bendir Player and Trumpeter That are located in 
>> Melbourne
>> Austrailia to my Oslo Norway.
>>     I did suggest NinJam to them, but.. well they didnt wanna, and 
>> now
>> 5 dont have a PC running the server so I am always in danger of a 
>> Shredder
>> screwing up our sensitive Improv(When I use apublic Server.
>>     I I suggested UStream, however, Im wondering if the sound quality 
>> is
>> stereo? for example) is any good? My guys down under will be Live on 
>> stage
>> with me projected via webcam...
>>     What other (free) systems might I try.. IT doesnt have to be that I 
>> can
>> hear them... I will just provide drones that They will play to... Weird 
>> for
>> me, but I will get to hear the recording afterwards...
>>     M
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