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Re: Nature loops

Thanks Andy for the input.

I tried a recording with a mic in the direction of traffic and one in the 
opposite direction and it seems like there's a huge hump of energy with a 
peak around 1700Hz.  It's mostly crickets and frogs. I tried using 
but I may look in cool edit as well to see how it looks.

Thanks again!


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Sent: Sunday, August 23, 2009 3:16 AM
Subject: Re: Nature loops

> Don't know about research,
> but traffic noise has plenty of lo frequency
> content, and the high freqs drop off with distance.
> 3kHz sounds pretty high, obviously I can't tell without
> knowing what your "nature sounds" consist of, but
> most recordings I've made would be spoiled if there was nothing
> below 3k.
> I'd try the steepest possible hi pass filter and try and keep
> it as low down as possible to let the nature sounds sound "natural".
> 200Hz might be a good place to start.
> If your filter isn't so steep, then run it several times, rather
> than putting the frequency up.
> If you have Audition (aka Cool Edit) then that's the best sound editor
> for doing this sort of thing.
> (with a spectral display so really see the problem)
> andy
> mike@michaelplishka.com wrote:
>> Hey folks!
>> Doign some night nature loops and trying to get out some of the sounds 
>> distant traffic.  It seems like doign a high pass filter at about 3Khz 
>> does a pretty good job and looking at the spectrum it's in the ballpark 
>> but is there any research on this?