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Re: GigReminder: Live tomorrow morning on uStream

Thanks so much to everyone from the community and beyond who joined me this morning, I greatly appreciate the turnout.  I'm sorry about my video glitch off the top I was trying to use an ext cam today which is dicey on the Mac with built-in iSight.  It worked in my tests and looked good just before show time (of course).  When I went live though chat wouldn't come up and it seemed I wasn't getting out so I bagged it and switched over to iSight and maybe that's what I should always do in the future (ain't broke don't...).

Though I dabbled with Mobius in recording last year today was my first experience with it 'live' and I must say I dig it, some real flexibility that I've just scratched the surface on and yes as pointed out, gotta get a foot controller.  I needed it on the EHX as well but I tend to try to get by on a shoelace at times so dealt with hands but I think it's in order for this software.  I need some input on a foot controller for this.  It comes in over USB to Mobius?  Is the mapping challenging re assignment to pedals?

Once again thanks so much for turning out this morning for Sunday Morning at 11.

Best and happy Sunday.


2009/8/22 Jim Goodin <jimgoodinmusic@gmail.com>
Just a reminder that I'll be doing my live webcast Sunday Morning at 11, tomorrow morning (8/23) at 11am EST on uStream.tv.  The show URL is http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sunday-morning-at-11 .  Please tune in if you are near computer and the Internet.