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Re: Music at Quarter Speed

Hi all,

I have to de-lurk here, being a lover of stretched audio myself. For 
slowing down audio, I found "Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch" a very 
valuable tool (http://hypermammut.sourceforge.net/paulstretch/ ). With 
this program, you can do really extreme stretching (hence the name) 
without change of pitch. The results can be really beautiful.

All the best,

ditch wrestler schrieb:
> If you like really slowed down music, Leif Inge took Beethoven's 9th 
> Symphony (a tad over an hour long) and stretched to last for 24 hours 
> and then pitch corrected it - http://www.expandedfield.net/
> This is some sweet music.
> I grabbed the whole thing a while ago from his website but that seems 
> to be gone; however, it is up as a webcast.
> Ted H.
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>     Clint wrote referring to an Eno remix:
>     "Ha! This whole time I've had that and never realized it was a
>     slowed remix."
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