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Re: OT Music at Anti-Speed

King's Lead Hat. Been there, Done that. (Oooh, yet another Eno song!)

On Sat, Aug 15, 2009 at 3:49 AM, Stephen Goodman <spgoodman@earthlight.net> wrote:
Clint wrote referring to an Eno remix:
"Ha! This whole time I've had that and never realized it was a slowed remix."

Hah, well try this one: "Tzima N'Arki" from Eno-Cluster's "After the Heat"...

First off, if anyone's figured this one out already my sort-of-apologies in advance.  My alibi: I didn't start listening to MP3s - or sampling/recording my CDs - until I was half-way round the world from my CD collection, and then interested in listening to said music on my home network (and, shock-horror! a Sony-Ericsson phone that plays mp3s)...

I found the track on one of a number of driving cassettes that I'd put together in the mid-90s, and accidentally packed for the move to the UK in 2000.  Having sung along with the backwards lyrics on "Tzima N'Arki" for some time I finally sucked it into Cool Edit and reversed it.  Go ahead, the words are interesting at least, as well as a good example of the Domed One reusing his own material in innovative ways.

Stephen Goodman

PS: Ten years ago this week I threw my version of The Star Spangled Banner up on the Internet in commemoration of Jimi's version at that well-known over-attended music festival in 1969.  I decided this week that I'd work on video to accompany it, and wondered about taking suggestions of public-domain footage I might use (my call as to which, of course).  Any suggestions?