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Re: living without money(O.T.)

Toby G schrieb:
> I'd say for the most part people aren't that driven to compete for high 
> status.  Most folks go to work, come home and want to enjoy their free 
> time and do like respect but it's not a duel to the death over it.

Its an incredible waste of human resources, that most people divide 
their life into "free time" and "go to work".
We are only free if all of our time is free time, including the work we 
consider being important...
When I started to hitchhike again, I not only realized that suddenly I 
was much more free to go wherever I want to, its also a complete other 
way of social exchange. In the money world everything turns into a deal. 
But still most of social exchanges are not deals, they wouldn't work as 
a deal...
Just lurk on any of the couchsurfing groups, and you'll know that this 
spirit is strong and makes happy...

Deals (money involved) can be fine unless this way of thinking isn't 
pushing all other social activities into the background...
Obviously it is possible to survive without money, but we could not 
survive without our communities. And this LD community is a good example 
how things work extremely efficient without being a deal...


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