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Re: Livelooping with a band..amazing!

hmmm... it was original the first time he did it... but now he's done  
it too many times... too many copycats... agreed... but, the fact  
stands that he invented a ton of techniques on the guitar that a lot  
of people learned from. Maybe he's finished innovating but that's no  
reason to put him in a museum. He's still alive for god's sakes...  
aren't museums for dead things?


On Jul 26, 2009, at 6:29 PM, Krispen Hartung wrote:

> Well, I thought I was going to sneak in and get out, but apparently,  
> the LD blackhole has me hooked again! :)  Here we go again. :)
> Of cource, what I said is odd.  Some wouldn't expect otherwise. It  
> was partly in jest. I'd say the same thing about traditional jazz,  
> country, or any past genre.   The thing is, you can probabl find  
> this style of music and other prior genres  in museums of music,  
> mainly because, well....it's history. There is nothing wrong with  
> that.  I appreciate it and think people should still play it. I even  
> play it once in a while.  I think it needs to be preserved, so that  
> people can see history in action in the current times. Is it novel,  
> innovative and earth breaking? No. But that is another matter and  
> discussion all together. I think people should continue to play  
> music like this, in the same way I think people should study history  
> and learned what has been done before.
> Kris
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> On Sun, Jul 26, 2009 at 10:54 AM, Krispen
> Hartung<info@krispenhartung.com> wrote:
>> They all appear
>> to be great musicians, but perhaps the music should be in a museum?  
>> They
>> are great curators. :)
> That just strikes me as an incredibly odd thing to say about music and
> the musicians playing it.  Put the music in a museum?  I didn't know
> this stuff had a sell by date (some recording techniques, sure).  I
> guess in that case most blues, jazz, classical and so on should be put
> away to leave room for the fresh music of today.
> My appreciation of music is always changing, what sounds boring one
> day can inspire me the next.  What I loved yesterday can seem dull and
> lifeless a few days later, only to come back full on the next year.
> Anyhow, that just seemed like an odd perspective to me.
> The worst part of that show to me is the editing (hey let's try to
> make it as frenetic as possible).
> Kevin
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