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Re: Livelooping with a band..amazing!

On Sun, Jul 26, 2009 at 10:54 AM, Krispen
Hartung<info@krispenhartung.com> wrote:
>They all appear
> to be great musicians, but perhaps the music should be in a museum?   
> are great curators.  :)

That just strikes me as an incredibly odd thing to say about music and
the musicians playing it.  Put the music in a museum?  I didn't know
this stuff had a sell by date (some recording techniques, sure).  I
guess in that case most blues, jazz, classical and so on should be put
away to leave room for the fresh music of today.

My appreciation of music is always changing, what sounds boring one
day can inspire me the next.  What I loved yesterday can seem dull and
lifeless a few days later, only to come back full on the next year.

Anyhow, that just seemed like an odd perspective to me.

The worst part of that show to me is the editing (hey let's try to
make it as frenetic as possible).

Till now you seriously considered yourself to be the body and to have a
form. That is the primal ignorance which is the root cause of all trouble.

- Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950)

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