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WAY OT: DVD authoring software

This one's way OT but I know some of you folks work with video
professionally or semi so I thought I'd throw it out and see if anyone
can help.

I've got three files that I'm trying to author to DVD that all begin
with a fade from black to the content.  In their currently rendered
form they play back perfectly on my PC (as both uncompressed AVI or
compressed m2v files).  However, when I author them to DVD, the intro
gets obliterated into a burst of pixelization that resolves quickly
enough and looks fine for the rest of the piece but is really
distracting and annoying to me as it stands.  I've used Adobe Encore
(CS4) and Nero to see if there is a difference between them and both
do the same thing to the poor files.

I'm really at a loss since this is happening even when the files are
small enough already that they don't have to be compressed any farther
to fit on the DVD as they are (and they look fine playing from the
file and rough from the DVD).

Anyone have any ideas of how I might be able to resolve this?

Thanks in advance again,


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