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Re: why we founded this list (So how and when can we get there?)

On 19 Jul 2009, at 17:05, andy butler wrote:

Ty Gott wrote:
I'm new on the list.

welcome Ty

yes, very welcome, I loved your post, Ty
I take the first part to a new thread

I also feel that the technology the group is using could be upgraded. The mailing list isn't as handy as a forum

well, you'd be also welcome at


Every few months someone suggests LD should be a forum,
so it might surprise you that the overwhelming opinion on
the list is "leave it alone...it works".

yes, Mark made us discuss it once more... next time some one suggest a forum, we just ignore, right?

Maybe it's something to do with the all or nothing nature
of mailing list membership.

yes, thats interesting. I feel like a member even if I am not reading. the mails keep coming. sometimes I overlook the subjects and Bills mails for some reason are not filtered so I end up reading them :-)

and it would be nice have a more searchable database of loopers.


...and use "Find on this page" or equivalent from your browser.

I would like to do this better, on livelooping.org and care to only list artist who consider their music livelooping 

Sadly, my next observation is that music is a kids game. To really take off it has to be the kids that take to looping. From what I can tell, this group is as seasoned as I am.
We could be the Sensei to a new looping generation. Loop on the one grasshopper ... if you have a one ...

dunnow, we just seem to be here to learn and share.

I think those young guys who still have the patience to learn to play an instrument will want to try looping. schools and teachers could help to this. if they see the old guys doing it well, thats enough :-)