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Re: Eventide Time Factor

Raul Bonell wrote:
> eh stereo memory man with hazarai, is stereo too and quite fun! it
> does varispeed...

doesn't have Midi Control though ;-(

..but it *is* fun

> 2009/7/17, G <gigs@paradise.net.nz>:
>> Hi there
>> Other than the Eventide Time Factor I haven't found a stereo delay pedal
>> with midi control on the market - so I'm seriously considering it.

what about a rack mountable unit?
Line 6 do (did?) one, the "Echo Pro" or something like that.

and there's always the Behringer Virtualizer, with 5s of stereo


>> I'm wondering if anyone knows if the TF looper can be quantised in
>> anyway, be it to the tempo setting or incoming midi sync?
>> Or is it totally dependant on the timing of the musician's foot?
>> Thanks,
>> -- G.