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Re: ambivalent feelings about playing live (was: PrePrepared vs.Improvisational)

I'm down with that Bob!

Quoting Bob Amstadt <bob@amstadt.com>:

> Personally, I would like to help this process.  I am considering the
> possibility of sponsoring a looping open mic on a regular basis here in
> San Jose.  I'd very much like to hear from anybody that would be
> interested in participating.  I don't have a venue at the moment
> although I'm considering using my own home to begin with to see what
> sort of response we can get.  My thought is to have a featured artist
> or artists for the event and then allow anybody who attends a chance to
> get up and strut their stuff.  I'm even willing to provide one of my
> own looping devices for anybody to use at the event.
> What does everybody think?
> Bob Amstadt
> Looperlative Audio Products