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Re: ambivalent feelings about playing live (was: PrePrepared vs. Improvisational)

From: "Mark Sottilaro" <zerocrossing@gmail.com>
> I honestly think we're our best, and possible only audience for live
> improvised looping.  Not that there's anything wrong with that.  I
> just don't think we're part of any music movement with any sort of
> relevance outside our group.

Whenever you look at forms of music outside of the mainstream, there will 
a huge decrease in audience size.  A big part of it is that the marketing 
simply doesn't exist.  When you are bombarded with mainstream music on 
radio, on television, in elevators, on hold on your telephone, and 
everywhere else, you expect music to sound a certain way.  Deviation from 
the accepted sound is weird and nobody wants to listen to that.  At least, 
that is basically what we are brainwashed into believing.

There is a segment of the population that does deviate from the norm and 
appreciate the music made through improvised looping.  Ultimately, the 
success of any business endeavor is tied to marketing.  Music is no 
different.  The trick is to find the audience that is out there and to 
develop a new audience by exposing them to something that they didn't even 
know that they would like.  Part of this is drawing new audience to gigs. 
Part of this is connecting with the audience at the gig.  Perhaps another 
portion of this is drawing an Internet audience.

Personally, I would like to help this process.  I am considering the 
possibility of sponsoring a looping open mic on a regular basis here in 
Jose.  I'd very much like to hear from anybody that would be interested in 
participating.  I don't have a venue at the moment although I'm 
using my own home to begin with to see what sort of response we can get.  
thought is to have a featured artist or artists for the event and then 
anybody who attends a chance to get up and strut their stuff.  I'm even 
willing to provide one of my own looping devices for anybody to use at the 

What does everybody think?

Bob Amstadt
Looperlative Audio Products