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For the JamMan Users out there...

   Greetings all,

   Anyone out there still using the Lexicon JamMan? The archives do have 
information on the following issues but they are quite dated, so I 
thought I might try here (sorry to clog up your inboxes!).

   I was curious about:

   a) Non-Midi Foot Switches: I've been using the Boss FS-5U and it's 
really hard to get the loop points tight without a lot of work. Anyone 
found a good alternative?

   b) Midi Foot Switches: is there a really simple (and ideally) pretty 
small MIDI pedal with 2-4 switches that works well with the JamMan? 
Would that alleviate the problem I described above?

   c) Memory Expansion chips: Anyone located the chips at a good price 
lately? Or is eBay my best bet? They appear fairly regular for about 
$40+ Shipping.

   Any opinions are quite welcome. Thanks in advance!