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PrePrepared vs. Improvisational Live Looping Performances

In another thread, 
Matt Davignon wrote:
"On the other hand, many of the acts I've seen left me feeling like the 
performers are locked
into a scripted grid, with fewer opportunities to take the material in a 
direction other than a
previously-drawn, forward-pointing arrow from start to finish."

Honestly,  I have had the same reaction.    Granted,  there are artists 
who pull it off
with panache and a sense of spontaneity's (I think , specifically,  of 
Zoe Keating, Imogen Heap, Juana Molina and
Kid Beyond)  but in general,  pre-rehearsed and already thought out 
pieces of music
using live looping feel as sterile to me as people push playing on DATs, 
I-pods, CDs, DVDS
or computers.

I actually really and truly loved sculptured recordings but to me, the 
live sphere is a different thing.

And maybe this is just because I lack the discipline to go to all the 
work of pre arranging
pieces of music when I play, but the last ten years or so of my life 
have been all improvisational.

Of course,  one (and specifically, me)  run the risk of not having a 
cogent enough performance
or ,  worst yet in live looping,  taking too long to create a piece of 
music and letting it go
on for longer than it is musically interesting for the audience.  It's a 
constant worry for me and
I frequently blow it live.

I've noticed that a lot of loopers in our community seem to fail to 
realize that the what feels good
to play;   what seems like a certain length of time in developing a 
piece of music is completely
different for the audience.

Personally, just because I teach a lot of live looping in my hometown,   
I tell newbies to set
up a clock and to force themselves to start, develop and cogentally end 
a piece of music
every five minutes so that they have six pieces of music in a festival 
set of thirty minutes.

It's a tough discipline to do that.   I purposefully write set lists 
with 6 to 7 tableaus in it.
I don't know what I'm going to play, but I do take 6 or 8 'sets' of 
instruments to each gig
so that I can keep a found sound performance intriguing.

I've discovered is someone has the discipline to play 6 five minute 
songs in order five times a week
that after a month, they are ready to perform a pretty interesting set 
as a newbie at the festival.

Also, and pardon this rambling post, but I"m in a 'waxing philosophic' 
mode today:

I'm writing some new material that is more song oriented and even (damn 
this is scary to admit in public)
singer/songwriter oriented,  so I know that I need to figure out a way 
that I can compromise my
desire for spontaneity and improvisation with composed (if not 
arranged)  material.

It's a really challenging thing for me.  Frankly,  it really scares me 
because it's so different from the freedom
I've had for ten years,  but I also am really hearing some new things 
with my new foray into stringed

SOOOOO,     pros and cons..................what do y'all like and/or 
dislike about pre arranged live looping shows
and what do you like or dislike about pure improvisational shows.