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Re: Name that looping vid/artist

Hmmm, I didn't see any camera cuts.

I didn't hear any parts come in without him doing something, but I
could've missed something.

I vote that it could've been live, but it would've required an
off-camera person operating when the looping device was recording or
not. Such a person could also have performed fades. And of course, all
the levels would've had to be set either in advance, or
post-production (for the instruments). Still, it's probably just as
easy to do it that way than to fake it.

I've been seeing/hearing a lot "indie" rock acts lately (even popular
ones!) that are just one person with live looping. It definitely feels
like it's soon to be the next big thing.

On one hand, several of them are doing some impressive things around
getting it to work within the dynamics of a song structure, not
strictly a continuously building collection of different instrumental

On the other hand, many of the acts I've seen left me feeling like the
performers are locked into a scripted grid, with fewer opportunities
to take the material in a direction other than a previously-drawn,
forward-pointing arrow from start to finish.

My prediction is that looping is going to see a lot of popularity as
this trend gets more popular. The downside is that unless the
well-known artists find a way to fix that forward-arrow problem, the
"wow" factor among audiences will eventually wane.

Matt Davignon
tour!: www.ribosomemusic.com

Aaron Leese<aaronleese@flyloops.com> was all:
> Yeah, that was David Ford doing "go to hell" ... the link is now dead, 
>and I
> couldn't find it on youtube ... so you may be out of luck if you wanted 
> see it again.
> per the live/not discussion ... I'll cast a vote for not ....well  ... 
> live in one take ..... there are parts that come in/fade out without any
> help from him, and a number of camera cuts that would mean that if it 
> one take it would be a number of cameras ...... but hey, you never know. 
> I
> havea feeling it was all recorded that day with a lot of loops, and then 
> is just walking around and recreating the experience for the camera.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0vcxA29okM
> Jay Bell wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>  Some time ago there was a "live" looping performance... it was set in
>> some guys apartment, he played drums, guitars, as well as making 
>> sounds out of spoons, coffee machines etc. Does anyone remember it? I
>> remember there was some controversy over whether or not it was a real 
>> performance... but it was cute nonetheless. Anyone remember the name of 
>> artist?
>>  Many thanks
>> Jay