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Re: Electrix MoFX : Is it worth it?

I should add to my glowing review of the MoFX that my enthusiasm must
be tempered with the knowledge that
I am a drummer/percussionist originally.... so what turns me on
about the MoFX is that you can play the effects rhythmically
like a percussion instrument and I don't really know anything
else that uses that paradigm.

if it weren't for that particular (and to me, exciting) aspect of the unit,
I wouldn't even consider using it as just an effects processor.

The effects themselves are pretty prosaic.  Just being able to play them
rhythmically is what makes it bitchen to me.   (huh huh huh,  did he say

You want bang for the buck and a very low profile,   try that
wonderful red 1/2 spaced BOSS VF-1

It has 24 bit effects,  a small profile (though the little sucker is
HEAVY for travelling on airplanes) and some really nice sounds.

Or I'm even thinking Plogue Bidule as a virtual mixer with real time VST
for processing...................sssssshhhhhhhh,   don't tell anyone I'm
considering that,
it might destroy my hardware centric live looping street cred.