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Re: Gig Preview: The MoinSound Studio Sessions - this Saturday at t-u-b-e with surprise guests

Now that is cool Rainer, it just keeps getting more interesting! Looking 
forward to it.



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Subject: Gig Preview: The MoinSound Studio Sessions - this Saturday at 
t-u-b-e with surprise guests

Ok, seriously, this is getting big, yo!

I already told you at great length about my ongoing series of
bi-weekly virtual concerts, transmitted live from my condo via video
stream at http://justin.tv/moinlabs - happening every even calendar
week on Saturday 1600 UTC.
Now this week, I'm participating in a workshop by München's center for
radiophonic art www.t-u-b-e.de. The workshop spans the entire weekend
and lasts from 0900 to 1800 local time each day - which would me have
to skip my session this week.
Now my idea was like this: if we have this workshop, in a venue with
DSL connectivity no less, and with several interesting artists
participating  - couldn't I just transmit from there and include any
artists who would like to be included? The answer of the event
curator: at all costs, yes!

So, this week's "MoinSound Studio Session" will be special in many
ways: it will be transmitted from an "out of house" location. It may
very well feature interesting guests - though no details as of yet,
I'm gonna hit them with the idea right on Saturday. And it will be
cool! Mark the date in your calendar! http://tinyurl.com/lhahgd