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Re: Electrix MoFX : Is it worth it?

Though I'm happily immersed in the virtual world, if I had a ton of
extra money and space one of the things I'd probably recreate was an
all Electrix based rack.  They were well thought out pieces of kit
with UIs that begged to be played with.  Why did they die an untimely
death?  We'll probably never know.

They drifted out of my rack too.  Probably because I, like Mark, am
also a Mark who plays guitar which does occupy both your hands and
those things did take up two rack spaces.  So they'd be tied down to a
studio in my I-won-the-lottery-look-at-all-my-gear fantasy.  Oh wait,
in my fantasy, can I have a roadie too?  Groupies?  Mermaids feeding
me pealed shrimp? A large NY style pizza?  What are my parameters?

On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 8:00 AM, Mark Hamburg<mark@grubmah.com> wrote:
> This is all currently packed away, but I put my MoFX right after my
> Handsonic when I was using them. If I unpack the Handsonic, I may well
> unpack the MoFX as well. That said, I primarily used the distortion (not
> great but interesting on drums) and the delay. The tremolo and flanger
> section weren't that interesting on drums as I recall. I've also got a
> FilterQueen and a couple EQ-Killers all purchased at the blow out price.
> Conceptually, they are all really nice but they seem to have drifted out 
> my racks probably for a combination of lack of space and the fact that I
> don't generally "play" effects all that much.
> Mark