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Re: ot.....mac question

Re ted for its worth I did really well back in january getting via
craigs list a first gen intel mac bp for 1K, 17 inch model whch has
been great for editing.  Only limitation has been 2 gig ceiling for
ram.  It was squeaky clean and has been great so far.  Yes it will
date soon but kept me out of further debt that new MBP would have done
and has handled my needs.

Happy 4th guys jim

On 7/2/09, Jeff Duke <jeff_d@embarqmail.com> wrote:
> But I loved my 67 Plymouth, slant 6 and I put an 8 track tape player in 
> nationwide man! :)
> Jeff
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> From: "tEd Ž KiLLiAn" <tedkillian@charter.net>
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> Subject: Re: ot.....mac question
>> Skoots,
>>we cant be like old geezers driving a '67 Plymouth - milking it timidly
>>down the highway forever - trying to make it last. > Best,
>> Tedzo
>> On Jul 1, 2009, at 12:33 PM, Nemoguitt@aol.com wrote:
>>> i can not view videos anymore and my puter keeps telling me to dl flash
>>> player 9 because my osx is 10.3.9.....when i do this and try to open
>>> flash player i get this message "the destination folder (adobe flash
>>> player 9) is on a locked volume. Please select another
>>> destination.".....can anyone help me?.....off list of
>>> course.....thanks.....m

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