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Re: FS: Roland VG-8, 88, 2 M-512E data cards (for VG-8), US-20 (RMC fixed), FC-200


Oh my . . . you're not getting out of music altogether are you.

It's like you are Mr. VG . . . which darn makes it unthinkable.

Tell us it ain't so sir.

Best regards,


On May 28, 2009, at 3:14 PM, David Coffin wrote:

> Greetings, folks
> Putting all these on ebay US tomorrow, unless somebody here want to 
> buy direct from me.
> The units are all in good shape, with complete manuals and latest 
> updates, but no original packaging. Each VG comes with a 13-pin cord; 
> the US-20 with two short cords. Questions welcome!
> These will be the minimum bids at ebay; shipping not included, PayPal 
> preferred:
> VG-8EX: $225
> VG-88: $375
> M-512 cards: $50 each
> US-20: $100 (note this has been adjusted to conform to RMC piezo PUs; 
> could presumably be put back to factory specs)
> FC-200: $125
> Thanks!
> David Coffin
> 1096 Winchuck River Road
> Brookings, OR 97415
> 541-728-0634