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Re: thinking about moving from rack to laptop...advice please!

On Wed, May 27, 2009 at 2:34 PM, Jeff Larson <jeff.larson@sailpoint.com> 

> It's more like VST parameter automation in a DAW, the plugin never
> gets MIDI directly.  This is kind of annoying for complex plugins
> (like say multi-track loopers) because you have to expose a bajillion
> AU parameters and actions to make the most of Mainstage.  This is all
> redundant if the plugin also needs to respond to MIDI for the
> "primitive" hosts like Bidule.

Yes, I will concur with Jeff that this is definitely annoying :)

And then there's hosts like Live which arbitrarily decide to limit the
number of exposed parameters to around 100, no matter how many the
plugin may really have (a bajillion).