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Re: thinking about moving from rack to laptop...advice please!

Well, I'm not talking about cables and audio transfer.  A good
shielded cable is a thing of beauty.  I'm talking about actual
processing of a digital audio signal.  Would your signal looped by
Mobius sound different than a Looperlative?  Not really, but this is
assuming you've got a high quality audio interface.

On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 2:47 PM, Raul Bonell <raul.bonell@gmail.com> wrote:
> i think sw is great when the setup needed is really big and you have
> to take care of all those zthrillions of good quality cables and
> matched connections. this is expensive in hardware, but sound cables
> are so extremelly clean in the modular sw world :-).
> 2009/5/28, Mark Sottilaro <zerocrossing@gmail.com>:
>> First of all, there is no god, let's get that out of the way. ;)
>> I notice no depreciation of overall "sound" compared to when I was
>> hardware bound.  Most hardware these days is software running on
>> dedicated hardware anyway.  Special dedicated hardware might do it
>> faster with less latency, but 1+1 is always 2.  This becomes a more
>> slippery slope when emulating pure analog hardware, but there have
>> been some amazing advancements over the last few years.   I've owned a
>> ton of guitar amps over the years (literally a ton) and I don't think
>> my guitar sound has ever been better than what I'm able to come up
>> with using various flavors of Amplitube. (note: this is an emulation
>> of stomp box effects, amps, and a mic'd cab and rack gear, so it's not
>> going to be the same as a real amp in a room)  As for synths?  I hear
>> a lot of people say analog hasn't and maybe will never be perfectly
>> emulated, but I say that's poppycock.  I spent a lot of time looking
>> for this "analog magic" and I found next to nothing.  Experts are
>> continuously baffled by blind comparisons.  Listen to some demos of
>> one of the more "vintagey" VAs I've found:
>> http://admiralquality.com/products/Poly-Ana/
>> Guitar players didn't fare really well in this showdown:
>> So, will your software rig sound the same as your current hardware
>> rig?  No.  It most definitely won't. Will it sound worse?  That's up
>> to you.   In many ways I think my setup sounds better than it ever
>> has.   Luckily, most software comes with a demo so you can try before
>> you buy.
>> On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 12:48 PM, Matt McCabe <lists@finleysound.com> 
>>> Simeon,
>>> I would recommend against changing your rig if you are happy with the 
>>> it
>>> sounds.  Yes, the weight factor is always an issue, but you aren't 
>>> to
>>> care if your rig weighs 2 ounces if it sounds like crap!  Even with the
>>> best
>>> software emulations it isn't going to sound like your current rig.
>>>  Similar?
>>>  Probably.  But, is similar good enough when you currently have the 
>>> of god"?
>>> Just my two cents.
>>> Matt
>>> On May 27, 2009, at 6:57 AM, Simeon Harris wrote:
>>>> i'll keep researching....my rig sounds like the voice of god at the
>>>> moment
>>>> and there's a software update for the eclipse coming soon as well, so
>>>> it'll
>>>> take a fair amount of convincing to make me take the leap...but it's
>>>> inevitable....eventually...
>>>> many thanks
>>>> sim
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