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Re: thinking about moving from rack to laptop...advice please!

Simeon Harris wrote:
> ok, so my current setup is this...

> i'd like ot be able to kinda recreate this lot in a laptop
> so i'm thinking about which plugin host will work best, bearing in mind 

> ableton live looks like a good bet, but i'd really just be using the 
> mixer...but it's nice and stable.

but quite restrictive in terms of routing midi, I hear.
One of our loop5 testers is fighting this right now.
(hi Ricky :-)

> any other plugin hosts (for audiounits) that might be worth looking at? 
> is mainstage worth considering?

Plogue Bidule is pretty easy for hardware type patching,
as it allows you to freely connect whatever you want.

It also allows you to freely sync anything to anything else.
For instance, you could have a bunch of fx synced to Augustus,
and a different bunch synced to Sooperlooper.
I don't know any other host that allows this on a mac
(and of course, it would allow you to sync those 2 loopers if needed).

> so my questions are - will i be able to set up a bunch of plugins on one 
> midi channel and put the loopers on other channels, so i can control 
> everything the way i am now

in Bidule that's trivial

The other possible advice is..

if you have a rig that works for you, stick with it :-)
Having endless software possibilities won't in itself
open up interesting pathways. Those are more easily
found by pushing the limits on the gear you have.

I've no idea if that applies to you tho'  :-)

andy butler