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Re: Punch-In silence

Ariel Rzezak wrote:
> Andy, i understand you meant "very short" now.
> i've been reading the stereo memory man manual and cant find anything 
> about replacing existing audio altthoug i've read about the minimum of 
> half a second for the looper to "understand" the switchings.

During Overdub, the new sound is added, 
and the old loop is reduced to a level set by
the "Repeats" knob (which could also be called feedback).
Turn Repeats down to zero, and you can knock holes in your loop.

What really helps is if you can give full info about 
what you want to achieve, and what you're setup

Do you work with rhythmically accurate loops?
What's the musical effect you wish to achieve?
Do you have a programmable midi controller?

Otherwise our time is spent guessing what you need.