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Re: Question about OSX audio routing

Raul Bonell schrieb:
> i try to make the final mixes on logic, but since logic can't import
> 32 bits files... i'd go for the 24 bits format in live, although as
> i'm using lots of ableton's fx (and that's where 32 bits makes sense),
> if i render 24 bits files, then i need to dither from 32 to 24 prior
> to importing the files into logic (or i should?).

No, not necessary. 32-bit is a floating point format with a 24-bit 
mantissa. If you don't leave a lot of headroom or go beyond your dac 
range it shouldn't make a difference. 32 to 24 is just trashing the 
exponent... (more or less...)

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