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Re: WAY OFF TOPIC: recommendations for great science fiction written in the last 10 years?

On May 23, 2009, at 10:52 PM, Rick Walker wrote:

I want something to read on my plane ride to Europe on Wednesday.

Can you folks recommend me some really good science fiction
that has been written in the last ten years.


Manifold: Space, and also, Manifold: Time by Stephen Baxter (good mind-bending stuff)

Seeker - Jack McDevitt  (not Space Opera, more like detective mystery set in future)

Wheelers by Ian Stewart and Jack Cohen (nice in system sprawling stuff, quite fun)

Oldie Goldies, in case you missed em:

Dan Simmons - Hyperion

David Brin - Startide Rising, and also, Earth

Gregory Benford - Galactic Center series ( I would start with Great Sky River read thru to final books then jump back to beginning of series.)

Michael Swanwick -Stations of the Tide 

Vernor Vinge - most of his stuff interesting.


Robert Jordan - Wheel of Time, Book one is Eye of the World (If you have not tried them, really well imagined stuff)

Stephen Donaldson - Lord Foul's Bane (first 3 books of the Covenant series are an interesting take on fantasy genre)

Have a splendid trip and tour.