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OT: Kind of Blue (Re: Davis' Modal Stuff)

maybe kind of blue has gotten so famous because it has a wonderful feel 
to it and contains music that non jazz musicians understand easily.


Per Boysen schrieb:
> Anyone who knows music and listens to that album can hear that the
> reviewers did not always describe it correctly. In fact the musicians
> did not play more in a modal way at all. What happened was simply that
> no one explicitly played the rapid chord changes, as usual in be bop.
> But there were definitely be bop style rapid chord changes in the
> music! You still hear the chord vamps - as understood - in every
> soloist's lines. My guess is that reviewers took an easy ride on the
> work, thinking "well I don't hear the usual piano banging every eighth
> note to mark out the chord vamps - guess that must mean the soloist is
> improvising more freely... eh... like in modal style". Wrong. The
> truth is that many of the song's lead lines will work just as well if
> a jolly good banjo player would sit in to strum those rapid chord
> changes. The cool thing with that record IMHO is rather that they
> still played be bop but doing so while sonically leaving out much of
> the sounding be bop characteristics - the explicit marking of rapid
> chord changes.
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
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