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Re: Davis' Modal Stuff

Rainer Straschill wrote:

> work of art, it's necessary to put it into historic context. So in or
> around 1559, what was happening in the jazz world?
> A few examples:
> "Freedom Suite" by Sonny Rollins (1958), a sax/bass/drums trio
> "This is our music" by Ornette Coleman (1960), sax/trumpet/bass/drums
> "Giant Steps" by John Coltrane (1960), sax/piano/bass/drums

As a recent BBC documentary related, there were 4 significant
albums released that year.
Kind of Blue - Miles Davis
The Shape of Jazz to Come - Ornette Coleman's debut on Atlantic
Time Out - Dave Brubeck Quartet.
Ah Um - Mingus


I'm not going to say I think one album is better
than the rest, but don't bother having a conversation
with me while TSJC is playing.

Of course, KOB is perfect background music, probably
one of it's selling points, especially to the jazz critics ;-)

> break out of it. It's nice to see what Walter Norris does on Something
> Else (Coleman, 1958), who obviously was in those sessions by request
> of the producer, but quickly felt that he simply couldn't play
> anything that worked with Coleman's concept - so he stayed out of the
> way pretty much.

There's one point on that album where the piano plays this incredibly
strong and lucid melody with complete confidence. Kind of sticks
out from the rest of the playing. Very strange.

andy butler