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RE: Online Looping School & More!

Hi Rainer,

I'm not sure how I should respond to your email exactly but I've been
looping for over 10+ years. I want to share secrets on how to make a living
with the loop pedal since I've toured the world with mine. Yes, I am trying
to teach the old farts that got stuck along the way but hopefully will
attract some developed talent to help further the community too.  The Boss
Loop Station is the only pedal that worked for me, but I'm certainly not
knockin' others!

If you can build a loop pedal great, if you can program a loop pedal I'm 
ears, if you've toured the world playing loops that's awesome.... but 
share your experience instead of criticizing my knowledge in trying to help
others.... Thanks:)

Best Regards,
Joey Edwin 

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Joey said:

> I currently perform 250+ shows per year using my Loop Pedal.  It's time I
provide you with my Looping Information.

Great. Another geek who bought a Boss loop pedal and now starts a new
community and explains how to do looping to those old farts who never
understood their MAX/MSP thingies in the first place.
I'm looking forward to The Looping School covering loop windowing in
conjunction with granular sus use...;)

Nice playing on that vid, tho'.