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Re: Looperlative vs EDP

> From those 2 buttons you can
> 1) Record your loop, going directly into Overdub, or not.
> 2) Overdub by switching it on/off or hold down for duration of Overdub
> 3) Re-Record the loop starting with a single press
> 4) Erase the loop.

Same is mostly true about the LP1.  There is a RECORD/OVERDUB button and 
there is a PLAY/STOP.  RECORD/OVERDUB is a three way toggle.  It starts a 
record.  It can end a record and put you in overdub.  It can switch from 
overdub to play.  It can switch from play to overdub.  The PLAY/STOP 
can be used to end a record or overdub and leave you in play mode.  It can 
toggle between play and stop.  Hitting RECORD/OVERDUB on a stopped track 
erases the old track and starts recording again.

But then again, I hate comparing the two units because they are completely 
different animals.  The EDP is beautiful in what it does and I like to 
that the LP1 offers people something amazing as well.  Both units offer a 
depth of features to keep musicians exploring the limits for a good long 
time.  Really, I am a fan of the EDP and I certainly think that Mattias 
Kim are both wonderful people.

Bob Amstadt