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Re: Looperlative vs EDP

this is exactly what I did. after many years and many edps, I came
across the lp1. sold my edp, picked up an lp1 and never looked back. I
was sold as much by the potential of the looperlative as by it's
current features.

On Saturday, April 25, 2009, Jeff Shirkey <jcshirke@verizon.net> wrote:
> Thanks to all who replied.
> I'm basically trying to decide whether or not to sell my EDP, which I've 
>hardly used. On the one hand, I want to hang onto it because I know they 
>are no longer made and because I now know that it does have some unique 
>features. On the other hand, if I ever want the "Rolls Royce" of loopers, 
>the LD-1, it should be able to do nearly all that the EDP can do, so 
>maybe I should just let it go.
> Tough decisions. Thanks.
> Jeff