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Re: Songs starting with drums

Sing Sing Sing has tons of cool solo drums, in fact a lot of jazz albums feature drum solos that could be looped.  May not be what you're after...

On 3/31/09, Os <os@collective.co.uk> wrote:
what you want is



2009/3/31 Cameron McCormack <cameron.mccormack@googlemail.com>:
> Hi folks,
> This has to have been a topic before now but didn't have any joy in the
> archive.
> I've started to try and put a few songs together looping bass, rhythm and
> lead parts together on my Digitech JamMan. It's all good fun, but it sounds
> sort of empty without any drums. The JamMan has a few simple click tracks,
> but they're only any good for keeping time, and they don't become a part of
> the saved loop.
> I'm lacking a drum machine and have no intention of buying one at his stage,
> so what i've done is taken songs that start with just a few bars of drums on
> their own, cut that out in a WAV editor, made a little drum loop and ported
> that to the JamMan to play over that. It works pretty well for my ears.
> So, my question is - does anybody have suggestions of songs that would be
> good for carry out this process on? Drums on their own, no other
> instruments.
> All I've found after a brief look at my own music is Iggy Pop - Lust for
> Life and Led Zep - Bonzo's Montreux.