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Re: loop-friendly venues

Ill fix...you wensite info thing... I DID change the form a bit once already to include more specific address info.

My thoughts behind the Safe Dangerous thing was to NOT get too anal about it. Like "song based Looping" or "Beats and loops" or "Drone".. In my experieance there are 3 types of venues, Safe, Dangerous and Anything.

But Ill put a note on my site page...


On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 1:14 AM, Matt Davignon <mattdavignon@gmail.com> wrote:
I think in order for this tool to get really useful, we'll need to be
able to enter more specific genre information than "Safe" or
"dangerous". I'd favor either a free-text box, or checkboxes for
well-known genres.  Besides, only people who read your original LD
posting are going to know what "Safe" and "dangerous" represent.

You deleted the website I put for "Luggage Store" on your spreadsheet,
even though my description says "Refer to the website for booking

This list is a great help - thank you.

mark francombe <mark@markfrancombe.com> was all:
> Thanks Matt... any venues you DO know, I hope you will add too... I mean, if
> you got a gig there, then they are probably pretty open to new cool stuff I
> think... at least under my "Dangerous" categorization...
> To everyone else.... COME ON!!! Im surprised by the lack of interest to add
> to my list here!!! I think I want to make a suggestion, that EVERYONE should
> try to add at least one venue to my list...
> I have also included a link to the current status of the list, Hopefully
> viewing the results will make it more interesting.
> Im thinking about all the threads over the years that concern places to
> play. Nowadays, bands are touring less, and I think there are alot more
> venues open to accepting left field works... It OUR time now... Lets get on
> the road, and LOOP!!!
> The Looping Friendly Venue Tool.
> http://www.markfrancombe.com/wordpress/?page_id=525