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Re: Edge of the Fringe - New CD

I provided the wrong URL for streaming. It streams only one file. This is the correct one:

I am now streaming the MP3s of one of my upcoming CDs. I really enjoyed making this CD. It is totally different than the last two that Robert and I did...less aggressive and primal, more thoughtful, out there, and deep.
Edge of the Fringe, by Kribophoric (Krispen Hartung & Robert Sterling)
Electro-acoustic, creative avant-garde
Will release in April
Song List

1. Confessions of a Ball Peen Hammer
2. Mad and Frenzied Upon the Deep
3. Bi-Polar Fissures
4. Pesky Peculiarities
5. Malicious Ascent
6. Dali in Space
7. Mechanical Underworld
8. Edge of the Fringe
9. Between Two Voids
Looping notes: I am using my max-msp random looping patch on most of the material, but occasionally manually control record and playback.

Edge of the Fringe is the third project born out of a dynamic and creative musical collaboration between Krispen Hartung (Boise, ID, USA) and Robert Sterling (Ventura, CA, USA). "Edge of the Fringe" is an introspective, thought and mood provoking collection of improvised compositions that truly push the boundaries of what can be done in a virtually collaborative recording context. For more information on Kribophoric and their prior two CD productions, visit www.kribophoric.com

Krispen Hartung - Mini archtop guitar, laptop computer, Max/MSP, Reaktor, voice
Robert Sterling - Electronic and acoustic percussion
, voice