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Re: ProTools and Bootcamp

J Johans wrote:
> having issues.....still researching....but thought one of you might 
> have experience with this-
> simply put, im trying to run PT 7.4 on a macbook pro under bootcamp XP 
> SP3-
> getting an error message about data underflowed during 
> record/playback......... the only straight answer i can get is that PT 
> is simply not supported under bootcamp... but it works for many 
> people, just trying to figure out why not for me -
> any help appreciated...... i know this is a looping forumn... but more 
> importantly its an incredible database of people who have been doing 
> this longer than ive been alive =D
I'm glad to hear that turning off your wireless fixed your problem.  My 
question, however, is why run under Bootcamp when it will run under OS 
X?  I just bought one of the new iMacs and an M-Audio Firewire 1814.  
Theoretically, I should be able to load in PT8, plug in the iLock and 
1814, and my migration from Dell laptop running WinXP should just work.  
When time allows, I plan on giving it a try.