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Re: TESTING TESTING TESTING . . . 1 . . . 2 . . . 3

That was weird.

I never thought I's see the day.

I guess I was unsubscribed from the LD list for the last 2 weeks (or 
more) and never even knew it.

Work has been busy . . . actually it's been hell (but that's another 

Life has been busy . . . and a little hellish to (see above).

Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Frapper, and Tribe.net 
have been busy.

Doggone time-sucking social networks.

Life is just too darn complicated.

Okay . . . what have I missed?

Best regards,

tEd  KiLLiAn

Creativity represents a miraculous coming together of the uninhibited 
energy of the child with its apparent opposite and enemy, the sense of 
order imposed on the disciplined adult intelligence.  Norman Podhoretz


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On Mar 19, 2009, at 8:54 PM, tEd  KiLLiAn wrote:

> This is a test.
> Is this mic on?